Chinatown Broome, WA

Chinatown in Broome WA has undergone a $30 million revitalisation, enhancing the vibrancy of the historic precinct. The upgrade includes bespoke lighting, designed in conjunction with Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC) to enhance public safety and open the area up to night-time community events.

Square style aluminium bespoke poles were specified to withstand the harsh coastal conditions as well as enhance the appeal of the revitalised precinct. The engineered sealing system between the mast and the base of the pole and the thicker wall specification result in the poles being rated for cyclonic zones.

The hatches in the base have been engineered to meet an IP66 rating to ensure the electronic componentry inside remained protected from water ingress because of severe storms which can occur in the area.

The future-proofed designed poles are capable of supporting today’s smart city requirements and future capabilities delivering a return on investment for many decades to come.

Coolgun Lane Eastwood, NSW

The City of Ryde contacted Multipole looking for a solar pole solution that was powerful enough to run two CCTV cameras as well as lighting. The pole was installed in a busy laneway to increase community safety and manage environmental management issues in the immediate area.

By choosing a solar solution, the council was not required to do expensive trenching works or wait for the local power provider to arrange a connection to the pole.

The provision of lighting and CCTV cameras has dramatically improved the community’s safety in the busy laneway.

The entire system is enclosed within the pole and secured behind a hatch with a patented locking system. The high-powered batteries can store several days of energy to ensure the lighting and CCTV cameras run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Conveniently, the CCTV footage was able to be integrated into the existing City of Ryde CCTV systems.

A smart and inventive solution for the City of Ryde improving safety for the community of Eastwood.

ANU Birch Building, ACT

Estate Series are the preferred smart pole for Australian National University (ANU).  The design boasts a striking black pole with stainless steel transition which supports today’s technology and lighting requirements across the university campus as well as future needs.

Generously sized internal sliding hatches prevent hatch covers being misplaced.

Additional accessories can be easily added as technology needs change making them future proof.

Bondi Junction Cycleway, NSW

Waverley Council selected Multipole 300 Series poles for the Bondi Junction Cycleway project because of their aluminium construction and the extensive range with various functions, including traffic pole applications and banner arms.

The Bondi Junction Cycleway is part of the Complete Streets Project, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists, connections to public transport and beautifying public areas with 50 new trees planted. The new signalised pedestrian crossings and improved lighting enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and the banners help create a lively community space.

The project requirements called for traffic poles as well as poles for lighting, which can support large banners. Even with a broad spectrum of needs, the 300 Series offered a ‘family’ of poles that looked similar but fulfilled the project requirements. Approved by RMS for traffic use, 300 Series Maxi poles are used to mount traffic lights and pedestrian crossing signals on the cycleway.

The patented track system in the mast enables seamless attachment of signage and accessories without the need for unsightly strapping on the pole. The track system future-proofs the poles allowing accessories and functionality (like CCTV, public WiFI and public address systems) to be added after installation to accommodate the growing needs of the vibrant community.

Dicker Data, Kurnell NSW

Dicker Data recently completed a new 15,000 square metre office and warehouse facility situated close to the coast, just south of Sydney.

With the facility operating longer than typical business hours, staff safety was a key consideration when selecting the staff carpark lighting. The new state of the art facility also called for a modern style light pole that could accommodate heavy floodlights and complement the state-of-the-art office and warehouse facilities’ modern styling.

Multipole Estate poles, with a black anodised finish, provide a modern and functional solution for the project. Estate poles were specified with a thicker mast wall to support the heavy floodlights and minimise movement in the pole for clear CCTV vision.

Aluminium was also the ideal material for the poles given the proximity to the coast, which is only a few hundred metres away. Unlike steel, aluminium resists corrosion, especially in harsh coastal environments, ensuring that the new light poles will maintain their striking beauty for many years to come.

Princes Gardens, Prahran VIC

As an Australian designer and manufacturer, Multipole was delighted to manufacture and supply a bespoke solution for lighting in the Princes Gardens located in Prahran in Melbourne, Victoria. The previous light poles used in the Gardens came from an overseas supplier, but due to COVID-19 impacting delivery lead times, the City of Stonnington sought a more local solution.

The tapered, aluminium and curved design could be manufactured in Australia by Multipole (Part of the Goldspar Group) using aluminium sourced from Victoria. The manufacturing process required specialised skill and experience in tapering and bending the light poles per the design specification. The poles were finished in a high gloss powder coat. The high-quality poles were delivered less than half the time of previous overseas sourced poles and provide a unique and striking lighting solution for the historic public gardens.

Photography by Serge Thomann

Orange, NSW

Orange City Council needed to find a pole manufacturer who could manufacture a bespoke solution to meet the design requirements of the new solar-powered, illuminated “Welcome to Orange” sign.

With an experienced design team, Multipole could manufacture the best-suited solution to fit what was needed for the project.  Each aluminium pole included a banner raising system, with the central pole featuring a solar collector to power the illuminated sign. The solar collector is supported by a 214 diameter Multipole with four internal tracks, allowing various positions in order for it to maximise solar collection.

Due to its remote location, it would be expensive to utilise access equipment every time the banners needed to be changed. Multipole’s banner-raising system runs along the patented internal tracks of the pole, allowing banners to be lowered to ground-level where it can easily be changed or replaced without the added cost of expensive access equipment.

Shepherds Bay, NSW

Shepherds Bay is an urban renewal precinct along the Parramatta River, within the Ryde Local Government Area. The precinct is a former industrial estate, currently being converted into a mixed-use precinct with medium to high-density residential developments as well as public amenities including a generously sized public park along the foreshore, and dedicated pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Marine-grade structural aluminium Multipole 300 Series poles in the standard City of Ryde configuration was specified for the project and will retain their original beauty, especially in the waterfront environment.  The 300 Series can accommodate the RMS traffic and pedestrian lanterns required as well as roadway lighting and banner arms. The future-proofed poles with a patented track system can support additional functionality in the future without having to add unnecessary street clutter to the waterfront area.

Joondalup, WA

The City of Joondalup has been undergoing a Lighting Upgrade Project in several stages to replace around 1500 of the old-style steel light poles which have corroded in the coastal environment. The new modern aluminium smart poles are better suited to withstand the harsh environment incorporating new lighting with smart controls.

300 Series Maxi and Mini poles were specified for the project to match the modern and contemporary style of the city. The customised anodised cladding enhanced the contemporary style and was selected to match the colour of the luminaire.

The new smart lighting system has improved efficiency and cost savings as well as enhancing resident and visitor safety with brighter lighting levels when needed.

The patented track system enables the seamless attachment of wayfinding and other signage as well as making power available for festive lighting.

Image credit: Photos by Ron Tan via Mondoluce

Casuarina Cycleway, NSW

Residents and visitors can now enjoy the Casuarina Cycleway in Northern NSW after dark due to the installation of Multipole 161 Series poles complete with smart lighting along the 3.5 km route.

The poles support motion sensor, energy-efficient, LED lighting and CCTV which enhances safety along the cycleway for cyclists as well as pedestrians.  Additional smart city capabilities can be attached to the poles patented track system as required in the future.

Marine-grade, structural aluminium poles were selected due to their ability to withstand the harsh coastal environment so they look as good as the day they were installed for many years to come.