Multipole™ Accessories


Multipole™ Accessories


The growth of Smart Communities around the world has meant that information technology is now a principle infrastructure that needs to be placed on the streets to accommodate today’s communication, security and IoT applications.

Multipole™ Multi-function pole systems deliver a platform to house and support today’s Smart City digital infrastructure with the flexibility to accommodate future innovation.

We offer a range of brackets which enable the attachment of various accessories. Click the relevant link below for a range of available brackets including recommended retail pricing (RRP).

201 and 267 Series (external track) Accessory Brackets
Estate/240S/300 Series (internal track) Accessory Brackets


Rivlok is our patented security screw system that comprises a smooth headed screw that is driven into position using a special tool that relies on friction to operate.

This produces a vandal-proof range of fasteners that makes extraction of the bolt or screw almost impossible without the matching driver. These fasteners can only be tightened or removed by using specific matching friction drive tools for each head configuration and fastener material combination.

The range of fasteners covers numerous head shapes, lengths, materials and thread configurations. The name Rivlok was derived from the fact that when the screw was in place it closely resembles the head of a rivet.

Rivlok Information Sheet


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Modules that can be accommodated on Multipole smart poles include:

  • CCTV Arms
  • Adjustable Banner Arms
  • Banner Raising System
  • Sign Brackets
  • Electrical Sign brackets
  • 4G/5G equipment
  • Wi Fi
  • Environmental Sensors
  • GPO
  • Projectors
  • Traffic Light and RMS Attachments
  • Street Signage
  • Video Screen Fixings
  • Footing Covers
  • Bike Ring
  • Bus Shelter Attachments
  • PA/Warning Systems
  • Solar Cell Supports
  • Flower Pot Ring
  • Festive Decoration Support Structures
  • Catenary Eye
  • Microcell Attachment
  • Universal Bracket Systems

Each of these modular accessories are fitted with either our unique internal or external tracking and bracket system.

Specifications regarding pole series compatibility, fitting requirements and instructions are available on request.  Please contact us for more information.


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