• For all your electronic housing needs in the streetscape.
  • Totally opening for ease of wiring of all services to cable trays.
  • Fits large 850 watt Ericson and Nokia units.(300x300x200) and many other services.
  • Pillar ventilation, draws air into base and exhausts through top of pole to keep temperature down.
  • Secure key locking.
  • IP 56 rated.
  • Stackable units if more space needed.
  • Fits our ribbed cladding pole designs to make a continuous visual on the streets.
  • All alloy construction to 10 meters, then steel core structure with all alloy cladding outside.
  • Can be raised and lowered by one man up to 7.5 meters high if required.

Technical Drawing

Multi-Tech boasts one of the most generous and flexible base sections and conduit allowance on the market.

The Multi-Tech Series concept is designed and manufactured in Australia to accommodate the larger telecommunications and 4G/5G equipment like optic fibre and RF units.

The base consists of a stackable, open-style chamber with mounting straps enabling large bulky equipment including mini macrocells, RF units, fibre junctions, meter boxes, batteries and CCTV equipment.  The base is future-proofed as it is flexible enough to accommodate additional technology in the future.

Access to equipment in the base can be segmented, with the ability to specify up to four access hatches allowing management of access to various equipment contained within the pole.

Accessories can be mounted on the patented track system for a streamlined finish including in-track spotlights, CCTV, WiFi, speakers, wayfinding signage and sensors.

The patented Australian design encourages airflow to enable sufficient cooling of the internal equipment to avoid overheating while still retaining IP65 rating for water resistance.

Datasheets are available. Please contact us to request copies.

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  • Australian design and manufacture
  • 4G 5G ready
  • Extensive, flexible capacity
  • Temperature regulation
  • Multi-function capability
  • Superior security
  • Sustainably built
  • Future-proofed
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Mast Diameter 220mm
Base Diameter 450mm
Base Unit - Height Options 2000mm & 1000mm
Overall Height 10.0m & 13.5m
Finish options Anodised or powder-coated
Pole material Steel and Marine Grade Structural aluminium
Transition Material Stainless Steel
Mast track type Internal Structural
Warranty 10 year limited warranty
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