The new Multipole™ Estate Series Pole has been designed to offer a cost-efficient smart pole system that remains future proofed to adapt to changing technology needs in the future.

The Multipole™ Estate Series is designed to accommodate every type of luminaire as well as a range of accessories, including various signage, CCTV & security equipment, banner arms and solar options.  A range of CCTV support arms can position cameras at any location along the pole.

Marine-grade aluminium ensures suitability and longevity even in the harshest environments, including coastal.  Lightweight aluminium also reduces transport and installation costs.

Finish options including anodising or powder coating can be specified to suit any project requirements.  Also, the option to add a banner raising system including safety brake with ground level access for installation and maintenance of banners, eliminates the need for costly access equipment.

Estate Series Key Features
  • Integrated track system allows easy attachment and removal of accessories at any time.
  • High capacity base to incorporate IoT applications and 3-Phase power
  • Capable of carrying banners, CCTV, WiFi and signage
  • Marine-grade, lightweight structural aluminium resulting in reduced transport, installation, and maintenance costs.
  • Patented hydraulic joining system ensures strength and ease of installation.
  • Patented internal sliding hatch.
  • Range of finishes including mill, anodised and powder-coating
  • Low carbon footprint and corrosion resistant.
  • Optional Banner Raising System with safety brake enables easy installation and removal of banners without the need for expensive access equipment.