Aluminium is the Smart Choice for Smart Cities

Aluminium is rapidly becoming the preferred material for poles specified for Smart Cities in Australia as well as globally. The popularity of aluminium is due to several factors including superior longevity, reduced installation and maintenance costs and environmental sustainability benefits of aluminium over traditional steel poles.

Aluminium was the natural choice for bespoke solar poles at Mona Vale Beach pool.

Marine-grade structural aluminium (6000 Series alloys) has the equivalent strength of mild steel but will last up to four times longer with minimal to no maintenance requirements.   These benefits are especially evident in a marine or coastal setting.  Municipalities and local governments have a lot to gain from switching to aluminium smart light poles as they only have to pay for them once in 100 years whereas a steel pole has only a twenty-five year life cycle.

A third of the weight of steel, aluminium poles are less expensive to transport and also install.  Faster installation times using half the labour delivers substantial savings on installation costs for a project.

Aluminium boasts half the carbon footprint of steel delivering environmental sustainability benefits.  Aluminium is also 100% recyclable and recycling requires 5% of the energy used to create new aluminium, making recycling aluminium highly efficient. Remarkably 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

Aluminium is available in a range of finish options, including durable anodising or powder coating in a wide range of colour options to suit any project specifications.  It is worth asking what material is being specified for the smart poles in your next project.

Goldspar First to Achieve New Quality Standards

Throughout its 40 years in business, Goldspar Australia has always prided itself on maintaining the highest quality products and operating systems. Today it was made official.

Goldspar underwent a successful audit by Compass Assurance Services in November 2019, and as a result, was recommended for accreditation to the internationally recognised ISO 2015 and 2018 awards as follows:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Systems

The above accreditations apply to the design, manufacture and supply of Multi-Function Smart Pole systems, Light Poles and Flag Poles.  Goldspar is the first provider of multi-function smart poles to achieve these standards.

These standards help to ensure Goldspar fully understands what customers want and ensure that they can deliver on those requirements efficiently. They also minimise Goldspar’s impact on the environment and create a better, safer workplace.

“We will not rest even though we have achieved these International Quality Standards,” explained owner Doug Rawson-Harris. “We will continue to work on innovations in product design as well as innovative manufacturing processes to benefit our customers”.

Yagan Square awarded 2019 National Landscape Architecture Award

Congratulations to all collaborators on the Yagan Square project on being awarded the 2019 National Landscape Architecture Award in the Civic Landscape category.

Yagan Square is a project of local and state significance that encapsulates the idea of convergence. Design elements repair and amplify physical connections to adjacent areas, enabling the project to pose as Perth’s new epicentre.

Emblematic Western Australian water geometry, stone and plants feature alongside stories of the Whadjuk Noongar people to create a stimulating and enticing landscape. Yagan Square weaves together an entrancing tale of Western Australia’s history and respectfully considers the traditional owners of the land, while providing common purpose.

Collaborators on the Yagan Square project include Lyons Architects, IPH architects and ASPECT Studios, working with the MRA and Whadjuk Working Group.

300 Series Maxi and 300 Series Mini multi-function poles feature in Yagan Square to support lighting, Wi-Fi, CCTV and public address system.

Elizabeth Quay – Winner of 2018 Great Place Award

Elizabeth Quay took out the 2018 Great Place Award at the annual Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) National Awards.

According to the 2018 National Judges’ Citation, “Elizabeth Quay has delivered a new and invigorating focal point to the City where residents and visitors can work, recreate, socialise and be entertained – a true cultural landmark.”

The Multipole 240s Series poles were selected for their architectural design properties,  flexibility for attachment of accessories, and suitability for the harsh coastal environment.


New Multipole™ Estate Series, the more affordable Smart Pole

The new Multipole™ Estate Series Pole has been designed to offer a cost-efficient smart pole system that remains future proofed to adapt to changing technology needs in the future.

The Multipole™ Estate Series is designed to accommodate every type of luminaire as well as a range of accessories, including various signage, CCTV & security equipment, banner arms and solar options.  A range of CCTV support arms can position cameras at any location along the pole.

Marine-grade aluminium ensures suitability and longevity even in the harshest environments, including coastal.  Lightweight aluminium also reduces transport and installation costs.

Finish options including anodising or powder coating can be specified to suit any project requirements.  Also, the option to add a banner raising system including safety brake with ground level access for installation and maintenance of banners, eliminates the need for costly access equipment.

Estate Series Key Features
  • Integrated track system allows easy attachment and removal of accessories at any time.
  • High capacity base to incorporate IoT applications and 3-Phase power
  • Capable of carrying banners, CCTV, WiFi and signage
  • Marine-grade, lightweight structural aluminium resulting in reduced transport, installation, and maintenance costs.
  • Patented hydraulic joining system ensures strength and ease of installation.
  • Patented internal sliding hatch.
  • Range of finishes including mill, anodised and powder-coating
  • Low carbon footprint and corrosion resistant.
  • Optional Banner Raising System with safety brake enables easy installation and removal of banners without the need for expensive access equipment.

Celebrating 40 Years of Design Innovation

Goldspar, the family owned, Australian company behind the industry leading Multipole™ multifunction smart pole, is celebrating 40 years of ground-breaking design and innovation.

With eighteen design patents either pending or registered, Goldspar has been at the forefront of emerging industry trends for the last four decades.
Goldspar started out designing and manufacturing sailing masts, fittings and spars which were renowned for strength and finish and sourced by recreational and elite competition sailors alike.

Goldspar designed the first computerised, aluminium tapering machine in 1979 to manufacture tapered light poles and sailing masts which were sleek and strong. Tapered aluminium lightpoles are still widely used today to create innovative and unique lighting design solutions.

In 1997, Goldspar’s Founder, Doug Rawson-Harris designed and developed the first Multi-Function light pole system known as the Smartpole. This won him the Australian Design Award for Industrial Design in 1998. Doug went on to develop Multipole™, the new generation of aluminium multi-function smart poles.

With “smart cities” becoming the goal for urban and rural communities across the world, Goldspar is continually improving its leading Multipole™ design which can incorporate future technologies.

Multipole™ Delivers to Education City, Doha

Multipole™ Series 300 Light Poles are now standing in the prestigious Education City project in Doha, Qatar. Education City, an initiative of The Qatar Foundation, comprises a campus housing many of the world’s elite universities in one area.

To fit in with the cutting edge architecture and landscape design, the brief required a technically challenging aluminium pole to be designed and manufactured that delivered a light fitting at 10m above ground level on a conically tapered and curved pole section. The mast had to be tapered in one piece down to 60mm diameter from 212mm and then bent and anodised. The poles were configured in a single and twin arm profile with a range of integrated accessories. In addition the pole carries LED strip lights along the entire curve on two sides.

Multipole™ used its standard Series 300 base section fabricated in China with the curved upper mast being tapered and curved at our production facilities in Sydney using Australian extrusions. All 1600 poles were then shipped to Qatar.

Multipole™ is proud to have worked with our clients Gulf Lights Electrical Engineering ( ) and Metro Smart FZC ( ) on this project and look forward to future stages.